CIW 4 2000-05 Assessment of substances

The assessment of the extent to which substances and preparations are harmful to the aquatic environment is an important element in the implementation of the Dutch discharge policy. This reportdescribes a general assessment methodology, which categorisessubstances on the basis of their properties. The Dutch discharge policy links these categories to a set level of effort to limit pollution at source. The
methodology complies with (inter-) national regulations in the field of classification and labelling of substances and preparations. In other words, the methodology harmonises and operationalises the categorising of substances and preparations in implementation of the discharge policy. This is important to both the authorities dealing with the Pollution of Surface Waters Act and the Environmental Protection Act and to the corporate sector. In fact, this methodology will provide the corporate sector with a better insight into the environmental harmfulness of the substances and preparations they produce and use. This insight is necessary if they wish to meet the requirements set by their Corporate environmental care system or environmental certifications.