Flood risk in the Netherlands

The Flood Risk in the Netherlands (VNK2) project is analysing current flood risk in the Netherlands. Using an innovative method, flood loading, probabilities and dike performance probabilities are being linked to the consequences of flooding expressed in terms of economic damage and casualty numbers.

The insights produced in the project will help the authorities take more targeted, cost-effective measures to further reduce flood risk in the Netherlands.

The project is an initiative of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, the Association of Regional Water Authorities, and the Association of Provincial Authorities.

Rijkswaterstaat is implementing the project in close collaboration with flood defence managers, provincial authorities, research institutes and engineering consultancies.

VNK2: The Project

The insights produced by VNK2 will contribute to creating a smarter investment strategy to reduce flood risk in the Netherlands. Every euro can only be spent once, so investments are most effective if they are targeted first to improve the weakest flood defence structures that protect large population centers.

Armed with the knowledge and insights from VNK2, we will be able to minimise the likelihood of damage, casualties and social disruption associated with flooding as efficiently as possible.

VNK2 results can be put to immediate practical use in:

  • The prioritization of reinforcement measures as part of the Flood Protection Programme;
  • Understanding the results of the current statutory assessment of primary flood defenses;
  • Analyzing the effectiveness of multilayer safety measures;
  • Identifying and analyzing possible measures for the Delta Programme.

Relationship between VNK2 and current projects

VNK2 supplies information and insights in support of projects like the Delta Programme (Flood Protection Sub-programme, previously known as ‘21st-century Flood Protection’) commissioned by the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. VNK2 supplies also information and insights in support of international projects and organizations like Safecoast, THESEUS, MATRIX, MARE and USACE.

The Method of VNK2 (pdf, 1.1 MB)
The national Flood Risk analysis for the Netherlands (pdf, 33 MB)