Towards River basin sediment management for Meuse and Scheldt

The regulatory frameworks in the riparian Meuse and Scheldt states differ in theory, but the everyday-practice, those systems show much similarity. The development of a river basin sediment management
should therefore – on the short term – focus on a common monitoring system and common standards for the classification of sediments. Adjustment of the regulatory frameworks can take place
in a longer term, at which stage harmonizing of those frameworks could also be considered. This is the main conclusion from the LIFE project on contaminated sediments. In the LIFE project, participants
from Flanders, France, the Netherlands and Wallonia worked on the development of integrated sediment management for the rivers Meuse and Scheldt. The project covered three important
issues: the issue of assessment of sediment (when is sediment considered clean or polluted?), the issue of the solutions (what can we do with contaminated sediments?), and the issue of the legal systems in
the different countries (what is permitted in every country?).