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Water management in the Netherlands.

The Helpdesk Water is primarily designed to answer questions from people who are (professionally) involved in water policy, water management and water safety-issues in The Netherlands. The Helpdesk Water was created through a collaboration between the Dutch government, provinces, municipalities and the local water board's union.

Water management in the Netherlands is a complicated issue. Moreover, water distribution is difficult during dry periods and times when there is too much water. Besides information about water management and distribution these pages also provide info on flood risk, water shortage and drought.

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Water does not stick to national boundaries. This is why EU member states have agreed to the European Water Framework Directive (EWFD). The goal of this directive is to ensure that the quality of surface water and groundwater in Europe meets high standards (sound ecological status) by the year 2015.

Sufficient clean water is of vital importance to humans, animals and the environment. No one wants to live near polluted, fetid water in ponds or canals.

Questions concerning water management in the Netherlands

Methods to determine to what extent the realization of water quality objectives of a water system is impeded by contaminated sediments.

The level of the sea is rising, rains are stronger and more icewater is flowing down from the Alps. The importance of good flood risk management is becoming more and more important.

The Sediment Discharge Test is a Guidance document accompanying a simple Excel-application for water managers and authorities to decide whether they can give a permit.


The Netherlands is a land full of water. Through times most of the waters became less deep by sedimentation of sludge and plant remains.

Information about legislation in the Netherlands.


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